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Namaste Series: Cities of India

The first children’s book on Mumbai that brings the bustling city alive through characters, colors and couplets. Children will relate to endearing characters as they travel from monuments to parks to bridges to beaches to capture the daily life of a Mumbaikar. Eat food at Chowpatty, dance on the streets during Ganpati’s birthday, and whiz in a black and yellow taxi across the flyover. Ideal for children under 10 years old, the lyrical couplets will leave your child asking to read the book one more time! Open the book and you will wake up to the sun rising over the Arabian Sea and below is Mumbai, a busy city in India buzzing like a bee….

Visit the world of kings and queens, camels and horses and beautiful sun sets in the Pink City of Jaipur, as our adventures continue in this second book in our Namaste Series. 

Grab a copy! Namaste Jaipur is the first children’s book on one of India’s most colorful and historical cities, Jaipur. Through the adventure, children will eat jalebis in the old town, dance ghoomar in the Thar desert, and see a polo match. 

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Delhi, the capital city of India, is packed with hundreds of historical and political monuments. Come travel with Teevra and the Twins to uncover this cultural city through their eyes. From Humayun to Gandhiji, important people have left their mark on Delhi. Come and learn about their legacy though rhyme and lyrics. Eat food in Chandani Chowk and see a Lohri festival light up the night. Even take a day trip to Agra and Fatehpur Sikri!

Three friends visit Ahmedabad and its surroundings discovering nature, history and culture. Packed with sites to see, there is not a minute to waste. Experience this trip through their eyes and fall in love with Gujrat over an over again.

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Namaste Series: Poets of India

Kabir Cover
Tulsidas cover
Kabir Cover

A series on the Poets of India. Learn life lessons and culture, immersed in colorful images and curious stories.


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